Most Australians live in fairly temperate climates where managing winter temperatures is as easy as putting on a jacket. Adelaide winters come on a little more strongly, and most of us have some sort of dedicated heating solution. If you’re tired of growing power bills and having to drag electric heaters out of storage each year, then gas ducted heating is worth looking into! Gas ducted heating systems are quiet, effective and very efficient. As long as you keep your unit clean and serviced, it’s one of the best ways of staying warm in the winter time. A well-mainted gas ducted heating system offers a few major benefits to homeowners that we want to explore in this article.

Save Money On Your Power Bills

South Australians pay Australia’s highest rates for electricity. The good news is that lots of our electricity comes from renewable sources. The bad news is that it drives up the price of power, and that can lead to serious bill shock if you spend all winter running your heaters. Gas heating is a great solution for staying warm without breaking the bank. Gas heating is substantially more energy-efficient than electric heating, and natural gas also costs less than electricity to buy. The result is that you can run your heaters for longer, enjoy the warmth and still save money on your power bills. To make sure you see those savings, have your gas ducted heater serviced regularly. Blocked filters and faulty components can make your system less effective, driving up your gas bill.

Gas Heating is More Environmentally Friendly 

The natural gas that powers gas ducted heating systems isn’t just cheaper, it’s also more environmentally friendly than coal-fired electricity. In fact, burning natural gas emits about 50-60% less carbon dioxide than burning coal does. If you want to drop your gas usage even lower, make sure to set your thermostat to a nice in-between temperature of around 20C. Resist the temptation to crank the temperature up. Don’t forget to use the system’s programming functions to automatically lower the temperature or turn itself off during the night when you’re rugged up under the covers.

Quick and Efficient Operation

Gas heating works on a simple principle. Small amounts of gas are burned in a controlled chamber. The heat is collected and passed through a heat exchanger. The system draws air over the heat exchanger, warming it up before transferring it throughout your home. Compared to things like reverse cycle air conditioners that need compressors to function, gas heaters are quiet, only requiring fans to move air around. As long as the motors are in good condition and the system’s filters are clean and clear of dust, your gas ducted heater should make minimal amounts of noise, no matter how high you have the temperature set.

Enjoy Instant Warmth Around the Home

This is the real benefit of gas ducted heating! When you fire up a gas heater, it begins providing warmth very quickly (faster than alternatives like reverse cycle air conditioning), and it can be ducted throughout the home. Most ducted installations also separate your home into different zones, so you can direct the heat to the rooms where it’s needed and close off rooms that aren’t in use. That saves energy and reduces your gas bills even further. Plus, you don’t have to drag a heater with you from room to room, you can simply press a button and receive warmth wherever you are in the house.

Need to Service Your Gas Ducted Heating Before Winter? Contact Air Conditioning Doctor Today!

Gas ducted heating systems offer a huge range of benefits over electric heaters and reverse cycle air conditioning. Especially in Adelaide where winters can be harsh, the extra efficiency and heating capacity of a gas system is well worth the investment. Getting more from your gas ducted heating means keeping it serviced and performing regular maintenance. With winter on the way, now’s the best time to book an appointment with the Air Conditioning Doctor! We provide servicing, repairs and regular maintenance programs that can look after most popular gas ducted heating systems. Our team can keep your heaters in great condition and make sure they’re ready for the hard work that’s ahead of them. Get in touch with us at any time if you’d like to speak to our team or book a service!

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