Australia might not be known for its cold winters, but regions like Adelaide certainly experience the chill. There are lots of different ways to heat your home during winter. Gas ducted heating remains one of the most popular options. Gas ducted heating is an investment in the value and comfort of your home, delivering energy-efficient heating all throughout the house whenever you need it. To get more from your gas ducted heating, you’ll need to choose the system and brand that matches your home’s needs.

What is Gas Ducted Heating?

Gas ducted heaters are systems designed to warm your home using a central heating unit. Like the name suggests, gas ducted heaters burn natural gas (or LPG in some cases) to generate heat quickly and efficiently. Once you’ve turned the heater on, cool air is drawn up from inside the home and blown through the warm heat exchanger to be heated. Once the air has been heated, it’s distributed throughout the house using ductwork installed in the ceiling or underneath the floor.

Ducted gas heating Adelaide wide is a great option in this cold region. ​ With regular maintenance and servicing, gas ducted heaters can deliver heat quickly and efficiently to every corner of the home.


The Best Gas Ducted Heaters

Brivis (owned by Rinnai), Braemar and Bonaire are three of Adelaide’s favourite gas ducted heating brands. All three manufacturers offer gas ducted heating solutions to suit a range of budgets, and all are well supported by the manufacturer when it comes to maintenance and servicing work. For homeowners wanting maximum efficiency and the lowest ongoing costs, Brivis, Braemar and Bonaire all offer suitable gas ducted heaters:

  • The Brivis SP6 range of 6-star gas ducted heaters utilises smart gas modulation for greater temperature control and efficiency. The Brivis SP6 is also compatible with Brivis’ ICE add-on cooler, meaning your heater’s ductwork can be used for refrigerated cooling in summer.
  • The Bonaire MB6 features smart heat modulation and is capable of reducing its heating capacity to as low as 30%. The Bonaire MB6 maximises its efficiency by being fully programmable to save energy wherever possible.
  • The Braemar Ecostar 7 is among the most energy-efficient gas ducted heaters currently available. Its inverter motor regulates the amount of energy being used by the system, delivering high efficiency without sacrificing heating capacity.


How to Choose the Right Gas Ducted Heater

Every home’s heating needs are different. Gas ducted heaters come in a wide range of sizes and capacities, with some being better suited for small homes and apartments, and others being capable of heating even the largest houses.

When choosing a system for your home, you’ll need to consider:

  • The size of your property. The more area you want to heat, the more powerful your gas ducted heater needs to be.
  • The climate in your area. You may need a more powerful gas ducted heater depending on how cold the winters are in your area.
  • Your home’s design. Controlling the temperature in your home isn’t just about buying a bigger heater. Factors like insulation, double glazing, cross-ventilation and warmth from natural light all change how much power your gas ducted heater needs to have.
  • Your budget. In most cases, the more powerful the heating system, the more it will cost up front. Gas ducted heating is an investment, but there’s no sense in overspending on a large unit if you can get away with a smaller one.


Maintain Your Gas Ducted Heater with Servicing From the Air Conditioning Doctor!

Servicing your gas ducted heater is the best way to stay warm and keep your gas bills under control this winter. Regular maintenance doesn’t just ensure your heater is always running at maximum efficiency, it can catch small problems before they turn into major repair items.

The Air Conditioning Doctor offers a comprehensive range of maintenance, servicing and repairs for gas ducted heating systems across Adelaide. We work with all major air conditioning brands, including Brivis, Rinnai, Bonaire, Braemar, Vulcan, Pyrox and more, and our technicians carry most of the tools and spare parts they need to keep your system in top condition.

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